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RightStar's Remote Administration Program is an annual subscription service that optimizes an organization's use of Atlassian applications. All levels of the IT department can benefit from RightStar's guidance and customization services. Management will be able to implement best practices, improve return on investment, and increase end-user satisfaction. Analysts, end users, and administrators will enhance their knowledge of the Atlassian solution and benefit from add-ons and upgrades to the system.

RightStar's Remote Administration Program provides the following services:

  • Applying patches
  • Upgrading application and DB
  • Testing business rules
  • Updating test systems with the same patch
  • Modifying existing business rules
  • Ensuring that metadata is not corrupt
  • Ensuring that the application does not generate/report error logs
  • Updating staff and group modules with new information
  • Assisting in rolling out new groups
  • Creating and implementing new business processes
  • Creating new business rules
  • Creating a new default.htm file for a redirector
  • Updating logos

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